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Why you should choose Advantage Building Systems, L.L.C.

I have been building in North Central Wisconsin for more than 40 years and I promise to use these years of experience to give you the best building available, at a fair price. Before starting this new company in May of 2002, I spent nine months researching suppliers, material specifications, and building design alternatives so that the Advantage Building would be the best value available.

Advantage Building Systems, L.L.C. Started out building column and studwall buildings for the agricultural, light commercial, and personal storage market, but soon realized that we were only using a fraction of our resources and abilities. Now Advantage Building Systems, L.L.C. Also offers pre-engineered steel structures.

Our standard farm roof load is 30# live load. Beware of someone offering you a building with a total load rating or a truss load rating. A total load or a truss load includes ceiling loads and dead loads. A ceiling load is the strength that is designed into a truss to hold up a ceiling and does not contribute to a truss's capacity to hold snow or wind loads. Dead load is the strength that is designed into a truss to hold up the trusses, the purlins, the roof steel etc. This strength is used up when the building is erected and therefore also does not contribute to the real strength of the building. The only load ratings that mean anything for comparison purposes are the live load. We can build buildings to meet any code requirements that may apply, including Wisconsin commercial rated buildings.

If requested in advance, a job site dumpster can be provided and the crew is responsible for all scrap to be placed into it. Leftover material is picked up and returned so the job site is left as neat as possible.

Advantage Building Systems, L.L.C. Is fully insured, our crews are fully insured, and we even carry builder's risk insurance on the project through completion. Builder's risk covers wind, fire and theft damage during construction.

Our standard buildings utilize the most technically advanced steel sheathing available.

McElroy Mac-Rib Ultra

This panel features a Galvalume Substrate with the Kynar 500 Paint System. This combination of steel and paint allows McElroy to offer a 40 year paint warranty. All of our roof and wall panels are applied with color matched screws.

The advantage Stud Wall Building features 1/4” poly foam sill seal, non-corrosive treated bottom plate and treated bottom nailer, and are bolted to the concrete slab. The walls are framed with 2 x 6 studs 2' on center with double studs at truss support points. This is a very efficient construction method and can have R-values of 30 in the walls and 50 in the ceiling.

The Advantage Column Frame Building uses a manufactured column. It is a glue and nail laminate that has finger jointed butt joints between the treated and non treated sections. This column is built with all #1 Southern Yellow Pine lumber. The treated lumber is all foundation grade. Other manufacturers use #2 lumber. Our columns are set on a pre-cast concrete pad, they have a 5/8” X 12” re-bar through the column 3” from the bottom and 160 lbs. of post hydrated concrete mix in each hole.

There is no better way to anchor a column!

You cannot buy a better building than an Advantage Building!


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