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Advantage Studwall Building

Advantage personal use and farm stud wall buildings shall meet these minimum specifications unless otherwise noted in the main text of the contract.

All building dimensions listed are width x length x height.

Doors and window dimensions are width x height.

Building width and length dimensions as listed on the contract are to the outside of the girts.

Building height dimensions as listed on the contract are from the bottom of the treated plate to the bottom of the truss.

Overhead door dimensions as listed on the contract are the rough opening.

Walk door dimensions are nominal. The door stop projects into the stated door size.

Slide door dimensions are nominal (exact opening size can be provided if requested).

Bottom plate and bottom girt are treated.

1/8” x 5 1/2” poly sill seal is used under plate.

Anchor bolts are 1/2” x 4 1/4” wedge anchors.

Studs are 2x6 #2 or better SPF 2' on center.

There are double or triple studs at truss support points.

There are double studs at a maximum of 10' on center on the endwalls.

There is a single top plate. The top girt acts as the 2nd top plate.

Girts are 2x4 #2 and better, set a maximum of 30” apart.

Purlins are 2x4 #2 and better, set a maximum of 24” on center.

Standard truss spacing is 8' on center.

Buildings that have steel ceilings have trusses 6' on center.

Roof load is 30lb. Per sq. ft. live load.

Web and lateral truss bracing is as specified by the truss manufacturer.

Roof and wall sheathing is 29 gauge Galvalume with Kynar 500 paint system.

This has a 40 year fade warranty from McElroy Metals.

Interior steel ceiling and wall panels, if included, are pre-painted galvanized liner panel which does not carry a manufacturer's warranty.

All steel panels and trims are fastened with color matched screws.

All of the treated lumber used is non-corrosive.

Vented ridge is standard.


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